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Debra D. Davis (3D)
Youth Guidance Program

The Debra D. Davis (3D) Youth Guidance Program focuses on engaging youth between the ages of 13 - 19, helping to empower them, to prepare them to be successful, productive adults, and to break that generational curse our youth tend to inherit! 

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AWOF has developed the Debra D. Davis (3D) Youth Guidance Program, which started in the Summer of 2023.  Our 1st Engagement Event was held on 8/5/2023 .

  • The mission of 3D is to Empower teens between the age of 13 – 19 to:

    • ​Help them prepare and take charge of their own future.

    • Give them a stable/safe place to come learn and grow  – FREE of CHARGE.

    • Give them a program of classes that will help them to grow and to accept themselves just as they are.

    • Qualify our teens to be successful adults.

    • Teach them to live with purpose going forward, and not to be afraid to be true to themselves.

    • ​Instill in them a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and pride.

  • ​We plan to target children of addicted parents, and children emancipating from DCFS custody soon and children in alternative schools - but all teens 13 - 19 are welcome.

  • We will be teaching them life & survival skills from how to find an apartment and do a household budget, to how to check the oil in your car or change a tire. 


  • We  will also be offering financial literacy, domestic violence and substance abuse prevention classes, self esteem classes, along with some physical programming like basketball, yoga and Taekwondo. 

  • Our vision is to further add to the lessons learned from their parents, thereby, preparing them for a successful future!

Let’s Work Together to Save Our Youth!

We need youth participants & volunteers....

6127 S. University Ave., Ste 1089

Chicago, IL  60637

Tel: 773-226-0788

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