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AWOF Ministries is a 501c3, nonprofit organization that plans Pop-Up Food Pantries all over the Southside of Chicago.  We give away food, clothing, basic necessity items, a hot meal, jobs & training assistance and more!

We are currently in the design phase of a pilot mentoring program that will touch teens of addicted parents and other at-risk youth called The Debra D. Davis (3D) Youth Guidance Program.  We plan to offer them the chance to get outside of their current situations and learn about Addiction Prevention, Domestic Violence Prevention, Basic Automotive & Tool Education, Basic Financial Literacy for Life, Business Startup Class, Theater, Finding and Keeping Self Esteem, among other programs.  


Once we begin to receive adequate funding, our goal is to expand our community service by offering addiction counseling, GED & Literacy classes, college application assistance, housing assistance and referrals to other programming that can help change lives.   This is where epic partnerships with other like minded community organizations comes in.  We know that we share the goal of helping families to succeed in as many areas of life as possible.  Submit your contact information today to learn about how you can help us!


We believe all people can be empowered to take control of their lives and change the trajectory of future generations 

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the family tribe by providing assistance, thereby eradicating any barriers to living a productive life, and changing the trajectory of future generations.

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Our Vision

We affirm to create programming to help the family tribe to become stronger and better equipped.

We Need Your Support Today!

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